Digital Acquisitions for e-learning platform

mafista smm


  • Increasing the online conversions for an e-learning platform
  • Increasing sessions on the website
  • Reducing the bounce rate
  • Enhancing the repeat purchase


  • Deep dive into the search keywords for related industry and players
  • Analysed the current traffic statistics (paid and organic) for the brand and the competition
  • Analysed the current campaigns for targeting, content (brand and competition) and the ROI
  • Strategized the new targeting approach (a mix of organic and paid interventions) basis the client’s TG and other key considerations


  •  Optimised the website structure & content to make it SEO friendly
  • Updated various long tail keywords
  • Created customized landing pages for the digital marketing campaigns
  • Ran various segmented and highly targeted FB & Google display ads
  • Did pixel based remarketing campaigns
  • Targeted the dropout subscribers through an automated e-mail based campaigns
  • Optimised the campaigns using GA feeds


  • Conversions increased by 24%
  • CPA decreased by 44%
  • Conversion rate increased from 0.63% to 2.87%