Launch of a gadget by means of SMM



  • The client wanted to promote its newly launched gadget “ABC” via Social media marketing means
  • The primary aim was to enhance brand equity and increasing the sales of the recently launched product
  • The secondary aim was to produce an everlasting image of the brand by maintaining an emotional-connect with the customer.


  • Launching a campaign on various advertising medium like social media, original videos etc.
  • Creation of micro-site with access to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • Launching multiple video ads on television and other digital platforms.


  • Launched campaign #Transforminglives which revolved around the concept ‘A small deed of kindliness can transform a million lives’.
  • A microsite( allowed the user to access social media channels which allowed them to upload photos or videos of them performing an act of kindliness.
  • Released multiple videos on televisions and other channels based on ‘Transforming lives’ which widened our reach to older people as well who are not present on social media


  • The campaign target overshoot by 179%
  • Social media engagements crossed 50,000 mark.
  • Social media impressions surpassed 6 million
  • Around 1 million views on the video ads.