Brand Repositioning via SEM



  • The primary objective of the travel company is to reposition itself in the market
  • The city had mushroomed with many travel companies and price was the key tool used for competition.
  • Few national players were also operating in the city with help of some local agents.


  • A meticulous keyword research to be done and exchange views with the client
  • Optimization of landing page
  • Configuration of Google Adwords
  • Monitoring and driving the campaign


  • With the help of the Questionnaire, the keywords that the customers would use while searching for the services that ABC provides were identified
  • The architecture and the content of the website were refined to make it search engine friendly. Particularly the landing page was improvised to ensure that the interface and the content hold the interest of the viewer for a longer duration.
  • Creating the adwords and associating the keywords with the adwords.
  • Targeting a specific geographic region
  • Daily budget and keyword bid – Automatic bidding option was set after specifying the daily budget.
  • Analysis of the Impressions, Clicks and CTR from the Google Ads control panel.
  • Use of Google Analytics for efficient click optimization


  • The approach used by MAFISTA for ABC Travels has proven to be successful.
  • 5000+ CTR conversions till date