Branding via SEO



  • One of the most frantic task is buying a home and the client wants to change that.
  • Customer would be able to find them easily on the internet.
  • Creating brand awareness


  • Enhancing brand equity of the client in Delhi location
  • Shoot up brand value of the client as the foremost real estate agency in Delhi
  • Polishing the standard of real estate content on the website
  • Increasing organic reach of the client’s website
  • Delivering modernistic content repeatedly on the website
  • To strive against prominent property developers firm in Delhi

Approach/Plan of action:

  • Mafista build on the concept of the client which was tested. The links were tailored such that people would find directions about the forthcoming properties in Delhi
  • In-depth audience research and their online action was traced as this would assist/aid us to focus on the vital/primary information people were searching for.
  • A meticulous keyword research to be done and exchange views with the client to produce the content around these keywords.

Implementation/ Execution:

  • The business intent and online challenges were put together
  • Started analyzing the behavior of customers by integrating Google webmaster and Google analytics
  • All the technical SEO, Meta tags, Descriptions, Title tags etc were put into effect.
  • Created content with right keyword mix
  • Repeatedly delivering modernistic content every week
  • Utilized 360-degree digital marketing levers to come up with proposed business solutions
  • Designing landing pages for forthcoming properties to attract new customers.


  • Over 20,000 site visits in less than 6 months.
  • Business objective overshoot by 100% for initial campaign period
  • Enhanced organic reach for various real estate queries. Specifically fruitful areas includes directions about property buying , forthcoming locality in Delhi, forthcoming properties in Delhi which are gaining substantial traction in organic search.